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Mercury Machine // Pristine Babe // Junior Bill // Annachristie Sapphire

Mercury Machine – The Age of the Machine

Driving synth-wave / retro-wave ambitions through a rock focused outlet gets the juices flowing. In ‘The Age Of The Machine’, MERCURY MACHINE seamlessly puts all of the darkness into a cohesive and delicious offering. The world is a hard and sometimes, lonely place. There is an urgency that has to be recognized. Action needs to be taken. Will you take that action? Will chances pass you by? Or will the machines replace you and your ilk?

Pristine Babe – Lolita

80’s saccharine pop is delectably and irrivocably transformed for the better, when in the hands of PRISTINE BABE. “Lolita is a playful hymn to unconventionality and a love letter to party life. Calling all the weird boys and girls, the game is on!”, Pristine Babe say, “It’s all about the tension, the fashion and the dance. It’s all about the fun, it’s all about romance.” Ain’t that the truth. Oh, and inviting PRISTINE BABE to all your parties, will guaranteed a fab time for all. You heard it here.

Junior Bill – There’s a Wolf in Grangetown

Ska punk extraordinaires, JUNIOR BILL, invites us to join them on a hunt for a wolf. ‘There’s A Wolf In Grangetown’ is a delicate pop inducement of ska infused fair, where you’re automatically singed with eclectic trips and possible bar brawls. Of course nothing of the sort happened on ‘this’ particular hunt stint, but as they say, “when a wolf, always a wolf”. The city of Grangetown is large. Well, it’s not Leeds, but at least there will be more excitement. Just don’t get eaten.

Annachristie Sapphire – Bonsai

ANNACHRISTIE SAPPHIRE wrote this while under the skies over looking Joshua Tree National Park. The frivolity of it all, can be amusing, in the perspective of such a point a person’s life. Seeking angles of what the other side of the fence is like, is a human chemical normality. But that is tempered by our senses of justification and experience. The dreamlike states of our awakened day to day, seems like a Universe away sometimes. There is no definitive answer to all the questions, but when lining up for a ticket, there is a song like ‘Bonsai’ to calm your fray. The nostalgic vocals of Annachristie, dilutes those pangs of angst. At least just for a moment.


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