Meresha ‘Look How Far’ : Talent that sees no bounds and won’t be slowing down.


‘Look How Far’ is from an artist for whom ‘limitations’ don’t mean diddly. The title track from the latest LP, is another crowning achievement from an talent that sees no bounds and won’t be slowing down.

Meresha is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer with that voice. The voice that just makes you turn and notice. It is a prog-pop kind of eminence that you hear in between each syllable and consonant. It alienates, but gravitationally attracts, increasing its allure, again and again.

A little pinch of Meresha is like having the galaxy within the palm of your hand. A little bit of her unique pronunciations in musical progressions, goes a long way.

A long, long way, indeed.

And it feels so grand.

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