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Merriment and Dirt Shares ‘Little Worries’. “Veer. Then don’t worry no-more.”

Merriment And Dirt is a new band, headed by Milena Solomun, and completed with bandmates, Budi, K.C. McKanzie, and Matu Kormano. They are dynamic, groovy, ‘up-in-your-face’, and most of all, their music is a perfect ‘shoulder’ to wrangle out your grievances.

Your grievances.

Your struggles.

Your frustrations.

Your view of this world.

After all. There’s no ‘world’, without your existence, outside of your skin, right? And if so, the weight of it all, crashes into the ‘only’ world that exists, and that means there has to be a conduit for resolution.

Milena Solomun was born in Belgrade, the capital of Yugoslavia: “When I was a child, Yugoslavia started imploding. Me, my brother and my childhood friends grew up in a country on its deathbed. The adults around us spoke fondly of a land we never got to live in. Yugoslavia was a pleasant memory that people hung on to, but the reality was very different. To us kids, things seemed fake, dusty and uncertain.”

Off of their EP ‘Final Boogie’, ‘Little Worries’ is like getting that kind of ‘resolution’. The jangly, understated rumble of the vocals, to the exact same jangly, understated guitar strums, dance with irreverence and with a chip on its broad shoulders. The song, collides into the walls of now, really not giving a f*ck, then pets that sentimentality, before explaining where it’d been all afternoon.

It’s a journey, that shouldn’t have been a journey.

But ultimately it was.

The Helsinki based band has published an EP that is of our world and realities – and what it could be when it all blows up.

There’s no reality when you are gone. Your reality dies with you.

Well, that’s some consolations, eh?

Anywho, listen and dig this single.

Dark subject? Yes. Dance? Please do, without worry.


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