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Merry Ellen Kirk // Laureline // Sandy Hsu // krissy // Blue Lab Beats

Merry Ellen Kirk – Lovers & Liars (Stripped)

Lulled into submission, you tie your emotions in a bow when MERRY ELLEN KIRK arrives with her contemplative and thoughtful lyrical streams for consumption. Her emotional eviscerations through her singles are cinematic extravaganzas – sultry in terms and masterfully rapturous. ‘Lovers & Liars’ in this stripped down version is as gargantuan in gravity as Jupiter, as each whole word from Merry, clamps onto all of your fibers until, previously said – ‘submission’. Merry’s folk based writing, are unencumbered expressions of love and loss, pain and heaven, in a very much human world in which we live in. Trepidation comes with the territory, as our adult husks travel this world, in search of something, when maybe something might not be. But we continue searching, trying our best to fill those empty feelings. Merry is here and is here to help. Listen to her newest full album ‘We Are the Dreamers (Reprise)’. You’ll be glad she’s here with us on this long and arduous trek.

Laureline – Holding You, Holding Me

‘Holding You, Holding Me’ is a beautiful single from indie-pop band LAURELINE. The harmonies take you to another place in this virtually consuming single. The outfit delivers in a way for all to absorb with ease. The love of where two hearts should be traveling, crosses the precipice of LAURELINE, and gathers up the strength to confess the truth of what it feels to be in love. LAURELINE wants you to confess. Before it’s too late. Look for new singles to drop until November.

Sandy Hsu – Angel Energy

Mystical and sullen, the voice of SANDY HSU delights in you pausing for a moment to depict your footprint in the world. Writhing in the absence of sanity, we sometimes let the waves crash above our heads, injuring our senses and outlook into the crystal horizon. ‘Angel Energy’, another single from SANDY HSU for self reflection, acceptance, growth and opportunities to love – are those waves that crash and linger, with white foam of degradation, slipping off of your sun drenched shoulders. Sandy stated: “I was comfortable with writing songs about neurosis and angst…Until I realised one day that I was quite exhausted by my own neurosis. I was in awe of the people in my life, I felt love, and I was learning new things about myself every day. When you’re younger you think the world’s out to get you, so you’re clever and your guard is up. One day I just realised that I knew nothing about anything that was totally… fine. It’s so cool to not know, and to want to learn, and grow, and to love and give permission to yourself to seek joy. I’m still learning now, but it was a very cool revelation.” See Sandy on July 31st @ Northcote Social Club in Darebin VIC Australia.

krissy – Sweet Boy

Like an angel krissy came down from above and graced us with the visions of vibrance in ‘Sweet Boy’. The 2nd release of 2019, this single is the first single from her new EP ‘bodyqueen’. And just like a lightening from a dimension afar, the vibe of extraordinary audible waves, tackle the ordinary and exhume your soul from the vapid banal. That’s what ‘Sweet Boy’ does to us. That’s what ‘Sweet Boy’ does to you. krissy’s direct and industrial vocals, is soundly galactic with pension for dramatic buzz and synth glory. ‘Sweet Boy’ is a tale about her lust for a boy she saw, in the crowd, at one of her sold out shows. It’s a cautionary warning, that to be honest, the ‘kick-ass’ side of her will never want to tame. We sure hope not. That ‘Sweet Boy’ is a lucky bastard.

Blue Lab Beats featuring Jodie Abacus – Lipstick

Off of their latest EP ‘Vibe Central’, BLUE LAB BEATS drop the single ‘Lipstick’. Jodie Abacus does them honor of collaborating for this funky smooth track. Pop and heavy in the ol’ school vibes, the 90’s inspiring single is dripped in invigorating synths and ‘luxuriously’ sexy feelz. Dance is at the basics of the song, as BLUE LAB BEATS hits you in the chops, while kissing you with full red lips. Just like her lips, illuminated in lusciousness. BLUE LAB BEATS have performed and supported for Glastonbury, WOMAD, Love Supreme and supported Kiefer, Thundercat, Roy Ayers and Mulatu Astatke.


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