Meryem Aboulouafa ‘Évanouie’ : Confessions and self-less erosions. Beautiful, in all its forms.

Meryem Aboulouafa / Photo: Paul Rousteau

Morocco born, Meryem Aboulouafa, shares her musical beauty once again in ‘Évanouie’. Her debut album ‘Meryem’ drops May 29th.

Growing up and still residing in Casablanca, she’s interwoven her Moroccan heritage with love for the English classics such as The Beatles, the Stones, Pink Floyd mixed with the Piaf, Brel and Brassen’s French chansons. Meryem’s music manages to reconcile solemn classicism and electronic modernity with writing and production assistance from Keren Ann, Para One and Ojard.

About ‘Évanouie’ she said: “This song was born from a great desire to explore the mysteries of a total lack of consciousness and its partial recovery. A consciousness that is sometimes so heavy that it vanishes to allow a deep sleep, with long breaths and the tension relief that usually follows great events, whether they are happy or sad. Having never fainted, I picture myself in this fictional story, the events of which are abstract – are these beautiful or bad emotions? Is it a recent meeting or some old story? Who is this? A brain reboot, like a new opportunity to live (things) again.”

Her video for ‘Breath of Roma’, which references the myth of Romulus and Remus, evokes the feeling of rebirth Meryem felt when she first fell in love with Italy. ‘Ya Qalbi’ is the only one of the old tracks that hasn’t been reworked, keeping all its original magic intact. Produced by Francesco Santalucia, ‘Ya Qalbi’ is a very popular Algerian song from the Arab-Andalusian repertoire. The author of this song is unknown.

These hybrid productions would be nothing without the voice it serves, a voice that suits introspective texts in which Meryem questions, seeks, and sometimes finds herself, confessing emotions in a society in which sharing her feelings is not always welcome.

“Through my songs, I found the context in which I can fully exist.”


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