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Meteor Infant // Julia Rakel // Ed Patrick // Astrolemo // Baula

Emma Karlsmark Elfstrand

Meteor Infant – Divide an Island

METEOR INFANT is Liam Keenan. Now based out of Sydney, the artist with ambience and love sentiments in his songwriting, keeps the cool Spring vibes for the current Summer nights. You know. That cool Spring night when the temperature for discover in human beings in a small patio in Brooklyn, helped you fall in love? Yep. That. And that gal with the knowledge of you and your drinking habits, will fall in love with you, as you do too. ‘Divide An Island’ is a drizzly dream-pop haze of emotions deluged by a cocktail in personalities of wants and limitations. The repeating chords of desperation casts a shimmer of positivity that might just be enough to get through in this world.

Julia Rakel – Summer hit

JULIA RAKEL’s latest EP ‘indie fEElz’ is one of those collection of songs that keeps our fires in our hearts burning. We’re fans of Julia and as she’d been revealed to us a bit ago, her undeniable pop appeal in that recognizable retro vibe is delicate and beautiful to witness. And it’s all the time. No matter the time or place, Julia’s sense of belonging, and positivity through her songwriting, you chuckle at the irony and desperation. Why? Because we feel the same as Julia does in her songs. And when we can hold hands like this, and through song, the world is just a bit cooler. ‘Summer Hit’ is a song of many from Julia where it show how simple her demands of this world is. But most importantly, it gives a hint at how complex her soul can be, too. The contrast, leading to the same fork in the road, is pretty, delightful, and glorious.

Ed Patrick – Barcelona, Babe

ED PATRICK paints in water colors. A story upon where potential legends can be born. A take of life’s little parchments of messages, that can come to life, if we could just wished for it hard enough. Ed makes those thoughts seem to come true. At least it feels like they do. The beautifully crafted single ‘Barcelona, Babe’ is a casting call for his imaginations. It cites the relevance of truth and honor in seeking a different side of life. Doesn’t need to be Barcelona, per se, but it’s the direct meaning of evaluating where you stand, where you are, where you might want to go. We all have ‘inklings’ or ‘passing interest’ in going a different way. Where we can find that final push, is all a mystery – until it, indeed comes to fruition. Ed’s cheering for that day to come to you.

Astrolemo – Come With Me

We’d described the project ASTROLEMO as: “A promise to another place of solace and maybe successes. ASTROLEMO derives its own energies through the modern hesitations and glimpses of future-past. Living and breathing, to an order of magnitude – described and fulfilled by its talent and ingenuity.” That’s true today with ‘Come With Me’. A pendulum like cast of wisdoms flow from the modern craft of sound. ASTROLEMO derives from the Universe, spitting out the essence with calm and collected digital poise.

Baula – Drought

The Swedish / Icelandic duo BAULA consists of Ísak Ásgeirsson and Karolina Thunberg. “We started after we played together in a theater comedy. We thought we would continue to be fun, but really we only had a lot of sadness that wanted out. Two sad clowns.” But things happen for a reason. At least with a resulting form for results in emotional connections and energies fired to produce such art. ‘Drought’ is the title single from their latest 4 track EP and it is indicative of the way the duo thinks and delivers their feelings of inadequacies, deprivation, loneliness, and desperations. These are stories of them, and of us, the listeners from degree to degree. There aren’t panaceas to such legacy stress from our lives, but we sure can manage them. And that’s part of BAULA’s story with their combined efforts. And from where we stand, their seeing the fruits of their labor to great success.


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