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Metro Moon – Rides in the Night

Griffin Marion is the tantalizingly talented maker of his music under METRO MOON. A reverent eclipse of synth and indie-pop gaze, the single ‘Rides In The Night’ encompasses the uncertainties and extremities of our complex world. Griffin’s jazz saxophone trained background meshes in a delicate dance of explorations, albeit in different musical instruments. But that jazzy vibe never goes away, nor you’d want it to. It lives in the piano solo in ‘Rides in The Night’ that is all of what it’s cracked up to be, as you’re pushed off of your norms and fly to a new plateau of sonic contemporary and rock sensibilities. Off of his latest 9 song album ‘Outlook’ (available now) that core vein of goodness, continue throughout, as the light, airy, and modern vocal attentions delightfully wrap you up with fidelity.

Baba Ali – Nothing

BABA ALI is insistent. He’s insistent on belying the fact of a fabric of society that continues to deteriorate. He sees a way of protesting, needs to be protested to the full. He is insistent that we can be a bit better than what we attribute to being proponents for a brighter world. “After just recently moving from New York to London late last year”, stated Baba, “I witnessed from afar a racist, sexist, fascist egomaniac swindle his way into the White House…” A provocateur from a strict artistic point of view, the resolute philosophies ooze out of the funky sonic textures. The words embalmed in the often callas, and warmed by the ‘death’ of notions, BABA ALI recants deep in his heart, the unadulterated backwardness of our being. A skeptical method, bound by his alter egos, struggling and vying for truth. The New Jersey native has something to say, as you can tell. With blues and funk, culminating in a danceable subtlety, the fury subsides in a vapid ember, as the call for unity could be construed.

SAFETALK – Layback

SAFETALK are 2 Parisians who dip their toes into the world as predators of musical incandescence. The rapturous and synthesizer heavy profundities of thoughts, calcify with every word and actions, intended or otherwise. The last time we’d encountered SAFETALK, we’d reviewed their single ‘Static’ and we’d called some of their works as “a shadowy journey taking days, straining, winning, battling, defeating, forging – one’s basic instincts, torn then caressed”. This time around, with ‘Layback’ a bit more procurement on the side of pop had thickly penatrated and the solumnly danceable decadence comes right at your senses for examination. Bit less experimental, ‘Layback’ is a bit less of a double edged sword. But none the less, it ‘kills’ with a swipe of the ‘dark’, staying within the shadows of the streets, stalking and taking notes. Look for more interesting story telling from the band as 2019 continues.

Gus White – Kitchen Window

“This is a song about seeing someone that I was once very close to and realising that they were better off without me,” noted GUS WHITE on his single, ‘Kitchen Window’. In life, disappointments and happiness, mix in a vat of confusion that derails our simple human minds. Our mind’s eye take in more information that sometimes needs to be, which settle in between our ears, where with time, corrosion of such attitude slowly recede away our once beloved smiles, and admirations. ‘Kitchen Window’ is a singular moment in time where coming-of-age is better late than never. A compulsory diet of self-loathing ensues, as you hit the fork in the road. We all come to such roads many times in our lives. But one thing Gus wants us to know is that whichever road you take, ‘growth’ is always in degrees. It’s how you approach such changes, is what determines the future – not the way around. Pre-determination isn’t inherent. It shouldn’t be. Introspection is what Gus offers in ‘Kitchen Window’. It’s that moment that you can change or maintain, as you’d wish.

Melt Mars – False Nostalgia

That entry of ‘False Nostalgia’ is gold. Distinct, aggressive, anointing, and sets the mood for a song that is all that you’d expected – and then some. MELT MARS is the project of Brian Ortiz, and in this single, the proud lo-fi rock artisan, gives us a taste of the what’s been missing, and what’s to come. The melancholic detriment of the lyrics, sometimes self-eviscerating, has you at the edge of the cliff. The guardrails of truth and self-admonishments, lay together in the bathtub of notions that gather dust but never losing the history each have garnered. MELT MARS’ fuzzy guitar relativism shines in ‘False Nostalgia’, as the vapid and nihilistic vocal delivery, gains attrition of our listening hearts, as empathy and keen patriotism to love, devours in haste. The sound is unique. The message will resonate. Something different for your rotation.


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