Mia Berg ‘don’t know (what to do)’ : Charm and infatuation, drizzles in her vocals and the immutable salience.

Mia Berg

Mia Berg returns with cinematic new single ‘don’t know (what to do)’.

Hot on the heels of her debut EP ‘Intro’, which arrived last year, the singer’s latest offering will be the first taste of her next EP release, which is due to arrive later in 2020.

“don’t now (what to do)’ is a song that is about a story in relationship of two hearts, just not getting along in a certain subject of ego and maybe misunderstanding.

A thoroughly talented and charming package, Mia’s project deliciously travels with tang and ample attitude, selectively hastening your quench for the ominous, with the irrepressibly ravishing hooks and pops of the song’s manic undertone.

Mia’s turn of charm and infatuation, drizzles in her vocals and the immutable salience of her magical inflections.


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