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Mia Berg Shares ‘You Decided’. Look for her debut EP come this September.


Oslo Norway based MIA BERG drops another gem in ‘You Decided’. A song that is about a story in relationship of two hearts, just not getting along in a certain subject of ego and maybe misunderstanding. Apathy is a big part of what draws and quarters a relationship to doom. Mia wants to tell her own story.

Mia said: “The song is about a broken relationship, where the other person refuses to see their own faults and wrongdoings. I wanted to vent my frustration whilst making the song as playful and groovy as I could”.

And she does it with stunning innovation and beautifully constructed vocals, that have become a part of what MIA BERG, the brand has and will become.

A thoroughly talented and charming package, the MIA BERG, project and singer, is becoming and delicious to devour.

For your ears, that is.

Combining r&b/soul to the mix, the alt-pop purveyor, divides and conquers your sense for pop and gets you on the right side of history.

Mia’s songs should be in your rotation.

Her debut EP will drop, this September.



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