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Mia Mi // Dan Crossley // Zkeletonz // Aron Blom // Nina Luna

Mia Mi – Talk To Me

MIA MI makes an immediate impact. The thrust of her vocals, the obvious attitude of sound, makes it easy to feel her soul and expedient reclamation of our hearts’ missing talks of candor. In ‘Talk To Me’, the goose-bump factor reaches a new high, as the dynamic chorus, induces previously unknown factors of movements of thought. The 19 year old based in London, makes it clear where her musical intentions lie, as we gasp for air as her music plays as if she’d known our lives, forever. “My love for singing grew along with my desire to inspire people and I want to be able to tell my stories from the perspective of a young British female in today’s world.“

Dan Crossley – Call Back

‘Call Back’ is ol’ school r&b/soul that is pop induced to a haze of beautiful intentions. Framed in the best traditions of Anita Baker, Tamia, Babyface, Brian McKnight, the London based crooner DAN CROSSLEY makes it apparent for his musical construction. With soothing lyrics of empathy and subdued exuberance, the modern layering of sights and sounds on ‘Call Back’ is a throwback that is limitlessly delicious to listen. The chorus is beautifully desirable and with Dan’s longing vocal attenuations, it is a thing of beauty to witness. The utter and impending doom expressed in this tale of love and loss, is tempered with iron will and ambition with the start of the guitar solo that seamlessly melts into the end. Have a go with Dan’s work – it’s heavenly.

Zkeletonz – Neighbourhood Nightclub

The fun loving post-pop trio of ZKELETONZ returns to keep us all on our toes with ‘Neighbourhood Nightclub’. Small parties to large, there’s always room for a ZKELETONZ single. As witnessed from this song, there’s so many notes to just get enamored. The excuse not to dig ‘Neighbourhood Nightclub’ is nil. This new release is “a nocturnal journey through the city they now call home.” Simple and direct, but relatably fun and optimistically is a way for celebration of our perpetual ‘child at heart’ mentality. We all need to relax sometime, no? ZKELETONZ wants us all to keep ‘dreaming big’ and ‘pushing for our ‘ambitions’. You can’t argue against that sentiment, right?

Aron Blom – Low Low Low

“In one way, ‘Low Low Low’ is about the diametrically opposite thoughts we have in our heads simultaneously,” Aron says. “Meaning, we feel stuff, but we also feel the opposite at the same time. I feel fear and anxiety… but I can also turn it around and feel hope and curiosity, depending on how I look at it. There is a darkness in everything, and there is light as well.” That’s the attitude. And reminiscent of the energy presented by artists like Steve Winwood, the effervescent exercise that is ‘Low Low Low’ is infectious to behold. Especially with ARON BLOM’s booming vocals, that is built for stardom, we’re drawn hard for his musical excellence. The anthemic single is where pop folk-lined music can go. Aron makes it happen on this one.

Nina Luna – Betrayed

“Wow” is what you mutter to yourself when you first listen to NINA LUNA’s vocals. The dynamic and profoundly galactic voice, emotes confidence and most importantly, communicates all of the nuance feelings of her single ‘Betrayed’ directly and forcefully into our psyche. Clear and lyrically cinematic, the tinge of 80/90’s pop colors are blatantly enjoyable framed in the style of Nina’s beautifully crafted anthemic focus. As a song of promises, ‘Betrayed’ is a delectable trip of tip-toe dance on pond petals, with a reward of a possible betterment at the other side of the crevasse of life. Let’s all dance on the demons we harbor. Nina is a product of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Living and working in Los Angeles, she continues to create charms like ‘Betrayed’ for us to ponder.


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