Micah Thunder ‘How It Ends’ : Is a hand clapping vigil to a vibe that we can all dig.

Micha Thunder

Refreshing and un-adulteratingly charming, the new-wave vibe of Micah Thunder’s single ‘How It Ends’ tells of something of a relationship that of another heart, resting in another dimension of it all.

With that lovely pop bop of 80’s shimmer, edged in glitter of nostalgia and of a longing-long-over-due, the smiles are naturally afforded inside the folds of this song’s essence and barbs.

A production of Edgar Wonder, its effervescence and easy vibes, is being considered for a placement on a Lionsgate film.

Hope it comes true.

For whether tragic, or in draping happiness, ‘How It Ends’ is a hand clapping vigil to a vibe that we can all dig.


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