Michael B. Whit ‘Camp Jackson’ : A way of bringing closer the gap between hesitation and acceptance.

Michael B. Whit

You wake up. You clean up. You eat breakfast. You get in your car. You drive to work. A typical routine we all go through, one time or another in our lifetimes. But from it all, and the heft of responsibilities, we need some reminders of what makes living a bit worth while.

Songs like Michael B. Whit’s single ‘Camp Jackson’ will hit the spot.

The song is dedicated to the ‘nationally historic village of Cahokia, IL’ and of the growing up dreams of living in the neighborhood. But it’s the essence of it all that delivers that emotional impact of the feelings that can lift-up your whole day.

“I sing about how living and depending on Camp Jackson Rd, was amazing,” said Michael. “Nonetheless, somewhere in time, the community lost its footing allowing corrupt officials and elements to seize control of our town, defacing almost everything beautiful about Cahokia. Be that it may, for those of us that have gone away, we can always take a trip down the 4.7-mile stretch that is Camp Jackson for a quick cure whenever we feel homesick.”

‘Camp Jackson’ is a song of memories and about our past experiences; a way of bringing closer the gap between hesitation and acceptance.


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