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Michael Baker // Luna Bec // Sister. // The Como Brothers // Morris Waters

Michael Baker – Baby Books

“I wrote Baby Books after losing a friend who lost his battle with mental health. It shocked me how much we wear masks every day & how hard it is to see what is bubbling away underneath. Most of the time I feel that this song is not my song to sing, but then I remember the solution of all this is to talk more openly and be prepared to share our inner demons with friends and loved ones.” Anglo-French singer/songwriter MICHAEL BAKER releases ‘Baby Books’, the 3rd single from his upcoming album titled ‘Salt’. Uncharted waters can be a step of opening up your past to others. We all struggle with this to a certain degree. Sometimes early, and sometimes too late. Solitude is torture. Solitude is lonesome. Solitude is dangerous, sometimes. Mount Vesuvius need not be the result of such preventable habits. Michael advises we not do so.

Luna Bec – Power To Change

Luna’s second single ‘Power To Change’ is an call to arms on the theme of the climate crisis. The song is a result of a collaboration with indie filmmaker Hardy D Saleh. Luna said: “Hardy contacted me about the video and asked if I would write a song for it. It was an easy decision for me since it’s a movement I am already much engaged with. He filmed the youth march in central London and sent me interview clips with those taking part. It was incredibly moving to hear these children expressing their passion for the planet. A song was put together in just one day. The response of our government, national institutions and large corporations clearly does not reflect the gravity of this situation. Hardy titled the film “Our House Is On Fire,” after a quote from Greta Thunberg. I wanted to capture in the song both the intense urgency of this global crisis as well as the possibility we still have to turn things around, and the efforts of young people all over the world to make this change happen.” Let’s see how thing move forward.

Sister. – chambers

Sister. is an indie/folk group based in Brooklyn. Comprised of singers/songwriters, Hannah Pruzinsky and Ceciliana Sturman, the duo casts out disagreements, thoughts on reprehensible actions, disappointments, and sadness, through the spectrum of their songs. The light splits into its various primary wavelengths, as the vocals drizzle around your body of mind and soul – nullifying, as it anticipates the washing that is demanded. The subjugated restraints, dipped in ever acidic baths, now linger with your hesitation to move forward. The tears mingle with the juices of smiles and laughter – of which has not yet happened. Will it? ‘Chambers’ is a beautifully constructed, and diabolically simple sounding lyrical exercise. Beware.

The Como Brothers – Shooting Star

THE COMO BROTHERS are Matt and Andrew Como. We’d said: “The singer/songwriters from Long Island, New York brings the kind-hearted and heartfelt folk-rock love that we can fall in tune for, easily. And we did. With positive and rambunctious guitar work, finds the two in a flight over the world, spreading it with the flower petal loveliness we’d come to expect.” With ‘Shooting Star’ the duo comes back with a classic rock n’ roll pop delight, as the harmonies mingle with reflective shimmer. It’s an affable vibe of sun and the moon, professing of love and future love for the one, you’re in love with. Romantic? Yes. And as you listen to their guitar works, it’s apparent that you should work harder to win over your crush. Now and hopefully forever.

Morris Waters – She Said She Said

“‘She Said She Said’ is a contemporary Pop song about the emotional turmoil of leaving a lover behind as you set out to achieve your dreams”, said MORRIS WATERS. Copenhagen born artist MORRIS WATERS incorporates influences from genres of many. But from all of the complexity offered on paper, MORRIS WATERS, the project is a fascinating amalgam of sounds that traverses the worlds of pop or rock or hiphop – in and with ease. Finding the solace to look deep within, is the true start to the journey of your best self. ‘She Said She Said’ is a promise. A small spoken secret, in which that ‘truth’ can be deserved and loved. Deep thinking and conscious, Morris is a man of personal integrity, a notion for where he is at the moment – dialing in towards the place of musical profoundness. Small touches frame his songs with twinkle and positivity; all come tumbling down to an ingratiatingly fabulous time of learning to learn.


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