Michael C. Duguay ‘Caesura’ : Life had pushed Michael into asunder. Risen again, that arc of passion, tries again.

Michael C. Duguay

His lyrics – nay – his songs shape and mold. They just do. A deep well of personal griefs, small triumphs, and galactic collision of the mental and the honorable, dash and pull the fibers of this manic and mysterious man. An artist folded in accordion layers, sometimes never knowing where to let the warmth of life to hit and caress.

From 2013 to 2018, Michael C. Duguay, disappeared from the Canadian music scene completely. Resurfacing in Kingston, Ontario in 2018, where sustained and determined efforts from his friends, bandmates, and family contributed to a return to health and stability, Duguay set out to record his second album collaboratively with a revolving community of friends, musicians, artists, and engineers including members of Minotaurs, Merival, Alanna Gurr, Orchidae, Joyful Joyful, Evening Hymns, Pony Girl, Highs, Owen Davies, Little Kid, the Two Minute Miracles, and Omhouse.

A time of trouble and challenges had pushed Michael into asunder. Almost destroyed by the whims of an unforgiving life, seemed he’d not the chance to resuscitate his musical life.

You feel it in his single ‘Caesura’. That warmth, shimmering under the sun’s rays, knowing of its adaptive goodness – never wanting or feeling deserving of such warmth that is afforded to so much of others. A person, restrictive of this, to never hoarding the grand proposition in life’s gradient mastery and craft.

Michael rides this tide to see where it takes him. Uncertain, but assured of a step – once at a time.

His breadth of experience and discursive influences command and grasp, riding the great wave of great Canadian writers – pop, avant-garde, idiosyncratic, captive.

Joy at the grayest.


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