Michael Cassio ‘Convict (feat. The Castons)’ : Kinda fab. This song. Energy. Dope? Yes.

Michael Cassio

Kinda fab. This song. Energy. Dope?


The full frontal mix of Michael Jackson-like energy with the ol’ school rap vibe, conduct with electricity when it all comes together. The production is tight, suggestive, aggressive and just rolls in the right ways.

When the bridge revival shines, the connection with our desires, is complete.

Vancouver based Michael Cassio is a project that made us feelz with this single. This over the top single kills with its heavy bass, rhythmic drums, and exhilarating vocals.

Dance? Hellz yea.

“‘What is a “Michael Cassio?’ I’m not too sure myself,” stated Michael. “What I do know is that it excites crowds, is under constant speculation, and dresses sharply.”


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