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Michael G Moore Shares ‘Heroes For Nothing’. “Underrated artist you should discover.”

MICHAEL G MOORE is the Brit-rock voice you’d never thought would exist again. But he does. And his music reverberates up to the skies and reflects back nostalgia and refreshing entitlements of our youth.

With Keane and Coldplay feelz with the gumption of Oasis, the rock-pop sensibilities of Michael is infectious and just easily sticks. With hooky chorus and breezy lyrics, the combination of streaming guitars and effective keys, his single ‘Heroes For Nothing’ shows us a sentiment which always pervades our emotions. The thick entity of nostalgia is deep and wide in the works of Michael, and it’s just a pleasure to absorb.

His latest album ‘Piano Animal’ keeps on helping you to imagine yourself in a decade of rebellion. Pop and rock mix with demure expertise in the album, and we as listeners are more than okay with that feel. In 2019, he’s released an EP named ‘Cliche Shaker’ with 3 new songs and 1 from ‘Piano Animal’. That one single from the prior album is the seemingly remastered ‘Heroes For Nothing’.

Michael’s body of work is beautiful to listen to.

A treat to be sure.



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