Michael McArthur ‘Oh, Sedona’ : Loving vocals, dabble lovingly, which guides you into the wilderness of possibilities, then back again.

Michael McArthur

“You can’t know the importance of a funeral until you’ve attended one, or until you’re unable to,” Michael McArthur memorialized. “My last grandparent passed away earlier this year — Grandma — and her celebration of life had been postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic. I spent the summers visiting her and Granddad in Arizona. She introduced me to Canasta, homemade cinnamon rolls, inward singing, bird watching, and red rocks.”

Written for his grandmother, Margaret McArthur. And within it he remembers and celebrates the things that stuck with him through the years. The contributions she’d made – with nothing but love and no preference of reciprocity – engorged his curiosities and at the least helped instill a sense of home and warmth.

‘Oh Sedona’ is the title track on Michael’s latest EP.

“We’ve been at home, isolating for months now and I believe that there are more than a few others who have experienced a profound longing for human connection and relationship. What good is a song that can’t be heard? Or a love that can’t be felt? And what better way to relate than through the sharing of music. Since we’re unable to come together in concert, I’ve recorded these songs in the way they were written, and in the way I performed them over the course of 2019. One take. Solo acoustic. There’s something about the uncovering of a song that invites you to reach down a little deeper. As to listen with both ears. It’s essential to the integrity of these songs and their purpose, that they are revealed in their most fundamental form, with complete humanity intact.”

Songwriting has always been a form of therapy for Michael. Over the past decade, the Florida native has filled a handful of EPs with his own mix of raw soul and lushly layered folk, working with producers like David Bianco (Tom Petty, Lucinda Williams) and Greg Wells (Adele, One Republic) along the way.

Beauty is what Michael’s songs represent, in the purest of form. Loving vocals, dabble lovingly, which guides you into the wilderness of possibilities, then back again.

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