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Michael & the Slumberland Band Shares ‘Come With Me’. “The Banal. The Mundane. Life.”

MICHAEL & THE SLUMBERLAND BAND is a beauty of a skin coat. It’s soft, but very much touch underneath – with the kind of protection from the elements that you desire. MIKE BROWN is the lead of this unique folk music dissertation of a project.

The combination of weird-pop and folk elements is just delicious to listen to.

When you listen to ‘Come With Me’, a single word pops up constantly: ‘Why?’

But it’s quickly answered when you realize how talented Michael is and how dedicated he is to his craft. This particular single is an anomaly of sorts (but heck of intriguing tell-tale). Listen to his past single ‘Minds Were Not Made to be Alone’, then that sums up what his can be in any light.

Mixing genres is a cool thing to do. And Michael does it with ease and poise, which directly translates into what we love to listen to, with expectation and ‘head scratching’ lust.

The banal. The mundane. Life – it is what he writes about, and dang it, we dig his direction on things, to the Earth’s core.

We challenge you: listen to ‘Come With Me’, then listen to his ‘Minds Were Not Made to be Alone’.

It’s like drinking a ‘beer bomb’: a shot of whiskey, inside the mildness of the beer – letting you know of what kind of world the author lives in.

MICHAEL & THE SLUMBERLAND BAND is in a line of the best kind of tradition – the David Bowie tradition of the weird and fantastical.

Let’s go!



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