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Michael Witt Shares ‘Late Rose’. Hand In Hand. Life In Life.

MICHAEL WITT’s ‘Late Rose’ is a song that has so many layers of delectable beauty. The folk singer/songwriter brings the kind of emotions from his vocals, his arrangements, and of course lyrics. And the words to this song is delivered with the conviction that is warranted of such a song. It will be naked without this kind of strength and confidence, communicated through the beautiful vocals of Witt.

The way of Witt brings style memories of snow cover capped mountains, urging you to be strong, and to take a deep breath to life.

Life can bring you down.

Life can be a grind.

But love can bring you up.

And just like love, this song brings you to that place we all aspire to.

With your significant other.

Hand in hand. Life in life.

Kudos, Michael. Kudos.



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