michel ko ‘Back to the Future (1999)’ : Reflects on lost relationship with his past lover and croons.

michel ko

Rising Artist michel ko brings again the pop goodness, inspired by the 80’s and 90’s summers. The artist reflects on lost relationship with his past lover and croons.

The lyrics, in a smooth balance between English and Japanese that keep the groove flowing, are written through the eyes of a couple reminiscing about the innocence of their early love. Drawing inspiration from the well-known “Back to the Future” trilogy, michel ko croons about going back to the past to repair damaged relationships in order to save the future relationship.

The track is produced by frequent collaborator KRICK and childhood friend Harri Lan, with Harri Lan playing the catchy riff to the guitar while KRICK masterminded the arrangement of the song.

michel ko is a 21 year old R&B/ Pop artist currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Growing up in a multi-cultural background, michel ko speaks English, Japanese and Mandarin. He often incorporates both Mandarin and Japanese in his mainly English songs to try to create a new unique sound with his long-time and frequent collaborator producer KRICK.


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