michel ko ‘GONE’ : Base for love and a new vision fulfills the growing and learning person he’s become.

michel ko

Rising Artist michel ko drops ‘GONE’. The pop goodness, inspired by the 80’s and 90’s summers, the artist reflects on lost relationship with his past lover and croons that he “wanted [her] gone but now [he] she’s her different sides”. Regrets of lost opportunities become the base for love and a new vision fulfills the growing and learning person he’s become.

With long-time collaborator and friend KRICK, the song takes shape, immediately as the one to count on to understand the plight of such many broken hearts. Sometimes our hearts break, in hindsight, and nothing else can be done to make things better. But life is a sought out series of promises, and in that sense, we’ll be better for the next person to cross our paths.

michel ko released ‘Princess’, a lofi-pop song which saw him begin to gain traction amongst listeners, prior. He followed this release with ‘Time’ a groovy R&B/Dance song with fellow Solgasa member Wez Atlas and producer KRICK. ‘Time’ was featured on numerous Spotify Editorial Playlists including ‘Weekly Buzz’, ‘Spotify Japan Velocity Chart’ and ‘Tokyo Rising’. He then released ‘Diamond in the Sky’, accompanied with ‘Timeline’.

Look forward to michel ko’s debut EP is slated to drop sometime in late 2020

The music video was directed and shot by Alexander Chen and Kaipo Tsai. It features the main character trying to find his way back to his first love who has already moved past in her life and settled down. This culminates in a confrontation between the main character and her past-lover at the climax.


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