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Michelle Blades Shares “Politic!” To The Fore. “Gargantuan sized talent, touching our fun-cortex.”

We’d called MICHELLE BLADES ‘intoxicating’. And we’d also stated that: “The intense gaze and vibe of the Mexican-Panamanian songstress, depicts bittersweet tanginess to another level. Taking into account of the frailty of mind and heart of us humans, she delves deeply with microscopic attention to detail.”

All that means is that we dug her the first time we’d set our ears on her work, and then some.

Nothing changes as her exuberant single ‘Politic!’ is dropped and slurped up by folks just like us at CHF. It’s glorious.

You want St. Vincent, David Burke, 10,000 Maniacs rolled up in one wrap of textures and color?

‘Politic!’ is your answer.

Off of the new upcoming new album on March 29th, Michelle transcends regional expositions, as she easily crosses from continent to continent, spreading the love of her songs. It speaks to any language, and from that fact, a blooming of musical wealth is shared with no challenges.

She was born in Panama. Half Mexican, she grew up in a music filled household. Then moving to the U.S. as refugees, her young adult life flowered in Miami, continuing her quest / destiny in music.

One day, she moved to develop the style you hear today, with her friends at her Paris based record label, Midnight Special Records, and bam – here we are in 2019.

She digs in several genres, but with a gargantuan sized dish of talent, bravado, and charisma, she excels at touching our fun-cortex. It shimmers whenever she plays, and smiles in dance, as she sings and ravages out the soundscapes.

Heck yea.



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