Micke Herrström Skelett ‘OCD’ : Grizzled revivalism and gothic ambiguities.

Micke Herrström Skelett

‘OCD’ is a single which comes from the mind of producer Micke Herrström’s (Popsicle, Thåström). And in his latest album ‘Vädret’, a multitude of sights and sounds, caucus in bits and pieces, delving into indie-rock and new-wave antics, with grizzled revivalism and gothic ambiguities.

Micke said of his album: “I have been doing the weather for myself, a little side by side and as a refuge from everything that weighs man on the earth. I wanted everything to be new to me; new instruments, new ways of doing things and not least new language.The songs were not composed in the normal sense, but were written at the same time as they were recorded, just at the same time.”

A wing and a prayer of singed palpitations, gasp at the darkness of a soul, without will to go on. A tale of insignificance, presented in a form factor where the dimensions no longer have a say. A defiance in which, a self reliance, crumbles into dusty regrets.



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