Mickey May ‘Hell of a night’ : Dynamic, crushingly fab, and vibrant to any kind of cynicism in our way.

Mickey May

Lightening up the mood and making a different mood is where Mickey May lives. And in the single ‘Hell of a night’, Mickey does just that with boppin’ good fun and rhythms that hip-hop-and-skip about.

Filled with syncopated rhythms and soaring production, Mickey’s consciousness of a character who is self reflecting after consistently running from all their problems.

This character is: “Trying to distract himself from reality whether it’s through drugs or women. With the character finally realizing he can’t run forever and knows he has a decision to make. On whether he wants to stop running or give up,” said Mickey.

The new EP ‘Just In Case Tomorrow Never Comes’ is dynamic, crushingly fab, and vibrant to any kind of cynicism in our way.

The EP hits so many altitudes of vibes.

Let’s continue to watch the evolution of Mickey May.

Can’t wait.


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