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mid season sale – you

Amsterdam based bedroom pop duo Mara and Lucius keeps the breezy vibes of a late summer afternoon, encapsulated in this lovely single ‘you’. MID SEASON SALE is a project born of the love for the genre. That vibe of love, in all things that exist, surrounds the warm sweater of calming empathy, straight into the duo’s music making capabilities. It’s a good thing. Mara’s smooth vocals tickle the back of your throat with vibes in shimmer, as Lucius’ framing and production makes it beautiful to keep it close to our listening hearts. Look for more from the duo.

Nicolaas Walle – Break Down Barriers

NICOLAAS WALLE is a half-Irish, half-Dutch musician living in Ireland. And this time around, ‘Break Down Barriers’ is offered. It’s offered up with a direct strength in lyrics. It’s lyrics don’t mix salutations, and small talk. Dripping in sentiments, the vocals of Nicolaas, stick lovely guitar strums with the un-counting soft-rock vibes that haunt this single. The solo artist, keeps his pride with ‘Break Down Barriers’, which, as well as his other songs, are influenced by jazz, blues, funk and prog-rock. It’s a treat, in dollops of beauty. But dig deep.

N. Kerbin – Morgan

“‘Morgan’ is a song about a trip I took to Arizona when I was 23,” stated N.KERBIN. “I was out at a bar with some friends in Scottsdale and wound up talking to this girl for a while. She told me her name was Morgan Morgan, which in retrospect, was pretty clearly not true. Over the course of our conversation, I found out she was 28, she was divorced, and she had two kids. Being an arrogant, judgmental 23-year-old, I wrote this song about her. Now that I’m about the same age as she was at the time (though without the divorce and offspring), the song feels completely different to me.” Nathaniel Wesley Fenton House Kerbin is the man behind this project. It’s contagious. More than you know. Listen. Take it all in.

Between Giants – Car Lights

Emo driven rock single ‘Car Lights’, BETWEEN GIANTS’ song ‘Car Lights’ is a genre mashing performance, that hits indie-rock to a harmonic altitude. Led by Tyler John’s song writing, the band has seen much success, including three Independent Music Awards, and so forth. Curiosity is what being human is all about. We live in a bowl that we can’t escape. The band is completed with Hans Massaquoi, and Pat Williams.

My Dog Ate Chad – Cherry Coke

MY DOG ATE CHAD said: “This song was inspired by a relationship fueled on drugs and alcohol.” Straight forward enough, eh? But the song is so fun. Listen to it. Piano, airy vocals, and rock n’ roll bounce. But the lyrics are devoid of the happiness the contrasting instrumentals depict. And that’s why it’s so fun. Dance to it, in irony. Sing to it with oddity. Let’s get drunk and sing-along, with the notion that the weekend will end soon. But we have this Saturday night. Let’s have some fun. The attitude of ‘Cherry Coke’ is fabulous and the Fort Collins, Colorado based band knows how to make a song come to life.


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