Midcentury ‘Keep it to Yourself’ : Warmth. Wonder. Honesty. Delight.

Midcentury / Photo:

Austin Texas based band Midcentury pulls out all the stops as ‘Keep it to Yourself’ delights with that 70’s soft-rock vibes, Christopher Cross like warmth, and the kind of dynamic humanity that is intrinsic to this single. Honesty and totality of it all hits hard as you begin to swoon and sway with the beautiful chorus, making you blush and smile with joy.

Combining the earnest tonality of Indie with the hard hitting, uplifting rhythms of New Wave and Funk, the band offers music in a unique collage of nostalgic and post-modern.

Said the band of ‘Keep it to Yourself’: “We all want to remain friends, we all want to pretend like you can keep some sort of intimacy once a relationship ends, but it comes at a cost. ‘Keep it to Yourself’ is a plea to spare me the details of the new love in her life. It still hurts to think of her with someone else, and I am begging her to keep it to herself.”

Midcentury is made up of Bruce Allen Smith Jr., Eric Harrison, Paul Murray, Butch “The Machine” Wade, Alex Chod and Leslie Matthews. They make songs that just cling like static and beloved like your memory of your first kiss.



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