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MIDDLE CHILD Shares ‘Collective’. Just Listen…Listen To It. Hold On.

MIDDLE CHILD is a project by Hamish Barnes and it’s a delectable take on what a little synth driven poetry in motion, can be like. The vocals and the sensibility of the song arrangements evokes feelings, of confusion, of self doubt, of outrage, of profound and utter inactions taken.

This song by MIDDLE CHILD brings the distorted bass, and synth background announcements – torture you, and makes you look into that vanilla sky of your dreams and nightmares. ‘Collective’ takes elements from classic drum and bass elements, combining jazz, and rock’s protruding exclamations – diabolically sounding off what could and should be. The ethereal ‘questioning’ of the lyrics, resoundingly echo sentiments, hidden in our day-to-day souls. Then pulling on that band-aid of ‘normal’ life, slapping that shot of whiskey across the bar of today.

It’s quite a ride.

Kudos, Hamish. Kudos.

Certainly became a single we love to listen to, for sure.



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