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MIDNIGHT GARDEN Shares ‘Lantern Cycle’. “Life Of Existence, Without Existing, Is None At All.”

MIDNIGHT GARDEN’s ‘Lantern Cycle’ is a deliberately slow counter to that massive undertaking of relationship, life, our individual whims for gnostic satisfaction of decadence.

It’s the truth bearer.

It’s the launch of a thousand stars.

It’s the dance of sword fights, within the that Universe.

The beat of that drumming of your hearts desires, emanate with the heat of that non-sequential aluminum crested juggernaut.

Walk through life of existence, without existing, is none at all.

The San Diego duo of Nick Donlin and Zach Vouga makes what MIDNIGHT GARDEN is and from what can be witnessed in this single, the summary statement is just gloriously tasty.

Nick and Zach has more to offer, and can’t wait to dive in when they drop.



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