Midnight Mouth ‘Feel Better’ : Glides into the fore in their wishes in crafted pop vibes.

Midnight Mouth

Midnight Mouth’s single ‘Feel Better’ is the first single taken from the band’s upcoming EP. Recorded, produced, and mixed by the band during the lockdown period, and is set for release later this year. ‘Feel Better’ follows the release of ‘Afterlife’ & ‘Coward’ back in 2019.

“This song actually started out on the piano, and I already had the verse and chorus progressions,” lead singer and rhythm guitarist Scott said. “I then wrote the lyrics on a bus after having one of THOSE days. The song is simply about doing anything – big or small – to make yourself feel good again. Don’t bother doing that exercise routine, and block your ex-girlfriend on all platforms. If it’s going to make you feel better, then do it.”

Mixing ambient sounds and dreamy melodies with undertones of hopeful melancholia. Friends for over 15 years, Scott, Poppy, Pierce and Arthur are making big sounding music that will haunt you and hit you straight in the heart at the same time.

Concentration of what is most important, blatantly shines from the deep love the band have for each other. The charming voices of reason and empathy, glides into the fore in their wishes in crafted pop vibes.


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