MIDNIGHT PRISMS ‘Picture of the End’ : Delectably puts together jazzy tinged effervescence within the folds.

Midnight Prisms

‘Picture of the End’ is a song about facing the reality that a relationship has ended.

“Witnessing a photograph of two former lovers naturally fall off the wall is a reminder of what’s transpired,” said Midnight Prisms. “It’s a symbolic gesture expressing the nature of endings and their complexity. Even after the photo has fallen, the associating feelings can linger on for some time. It’s difficult to let go of someone who meant a lot to you.”

A song that is a collaboration with producer, Jon Gilbert (The Kills, OFF!, Mt. Joy), Alicia Beck delectably puts together jazzy tinged effervescence within the folds of ‘Picture of the End’. A beautifully inlaid pop-a-tron of thoughts and mists, the single castigates the challenges of a slice of life, and then fortifies the future with whimsical and danceable rapture in spirit.

Alicia Beck became Midnight Prisms in 2018. Since then, aside from changing her stage name, not much has changed in the way she writes music. Drawing inspiration from that decade and her family of jazz musicians, Midnight Prisms naturally fuses eighties pop, and smooth jazz together with a dash of infomercial flare to achieve a unique yet familiar sound.

Alicia’s mother, Nina Beck, joined with the charming gradients of her Flute play.


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