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Midnight Sister – Daddy Long Legs

Midnight Sister’s Daddy Long Legs is heartbreaking. It is. The character described in the song, the hurt, the downtrodden, hopelessly confused – our heart broke. But we awoke – to the satisfaction of Midnight Sister.

It’s so good.

Why the gushing??

Look, the first verse with the dip in notes at parts is exquisite. It held our hearts and pulled it to our sleeves. It didn’t let go and was scolding us.

Scolding. Not, ‘scalding’.

Daddy Long Legs was pummeling us with unique takes on sound, lyric, development, and just attractiveness.

Shelley Duvall heads this band, and we’re glad Shelley is Shelley. Our eyes get glassy with utter love for the song.

Then the best part is that the song suddenly lets go at the end of the song. Just like when your girlfriend lets go of your hand, because it got bit moist where the skin met. She’s being practical, you tell yourself.

But if you initiated it, she wouldn’t like it. LOL. That’s fact.

Anywho, the song is a double edged sword, that turns into a dagger – suddenly and prudently.

That’s what Daddy Long Legs is, and will be.

We like the 4 minute torture. We liked it good.

And we dig it. Lots.

She’s rep’ed by the gang at Jagjaguwar.



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