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Midnight Snack ‘Closer’: Away from you is like knife in my eyes. Truth.

Midnight Snack’s Closer is a testimony which we can take and use it as our own, when we miss the one we love and want to see them like a child to curiosity.

And it’s the truth.

The gang in Midnight Snack rightly and correctly describe the agony of missing someone.

Whether it’s a person, an object, an idea, an event – the action of ‘missing’ and ‘longing’ is palpable and powerful.

For it’s the little things that we miss the most.

Her scent.

His skin.

Her watching eyes.

His automatic caress.

Her soft touch to your neck.

His sharing of the straw to that drink

The micro second of very intimate stare, after a silly laugh together.

Your heart beats suddenly, 100 miles per minute.

You gulp down your saliva, just like in the cartoons.

There’s no world to know, in that moment.

There’s a connection, both never knew before.

That moment. That lingering moment.

The 5 person band are multi-talented from what we’ve heard of their early 2017 album ‘Child’s Eye’. It has funk, folk, rock, ballad – melding beautifully together in one set.

All indie.

Kudos, Midnight Snack. Kudos.

We dig this band, and you should too.



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