Midori Jaeger ‘Upon Your Ear’ : In our own way. In our own vision. Once again.

midori jaeger

Cellist, singer and songwriter Midori Jaeger loves you with the embers of memories and wisps of sweet-nothings in your pounding heart. Grace and resounding embraces, gain your heart-ful confidence, as the jazzy predicaments of ‘Upon Your Ear’, undertows your every pre-notions for love, belief, and truth.

“‘Upon Your Ear’ is a song about escaping with a lover,” said Midori. “In a time where we’re constantly escaping from the physical reality around us through plugging in to online worlds through devices, we can lose touch with the contentment and the sense of belonging that can come from really being present in the company of people. I wanted to get across the power of physical affection in helping us to feel situated in the world, and outside of our heads.”

Swift blending of folk, classical and jazz, define the current work of Midori. Accentuating effortlessly the beautifully earthy and organic vibes of her vocals, the beautifully framed bloom of her song, really brings out the highlights of the small footprint we occupy. As it’s a temporary act of living and surviving, we think with ‘Upon Your Ear’, Midori reminds us of what we could do with our time here and now.

In our own way. In our own vision. Once again.

Midori’s debut EP ‘look at us’ will be released in full, scheduled for February 28th.


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