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Mike Baretz // BriGuel // Denitia // LUTZIE // Benji Lewis

Mike Baretz – Any Other Way

East Village NYC based Mike Baretz brings ‘Any Other Way’. Mike Baretz is a singer, songwriter and producer who blends r&b/groove-infused production, and pop-conscious melodies, with decadent layer of beautiful tempo and emotional courtesy. Mike has studied with 2x Grammy award-winning composer Herschel Garfein, and is mentored by artist developer and pianist Vera Tisheff (Leonard Bernstein, Earl “Fatha” Hines). ‘Any Other Way’ is about “an unsureness of a relationship and its ups and downs, but caring enough to want to see it through”. Being in touch with the glimpses of feelings is where this song shines. And as it hits all of the best traditions of r&b/soul and indie-grooves, the danceable loveliness from Mike’s vocals makes life livable once more. The sun shines, through the curtain of clouds. The rain falls, in the other side of the mountain peaks. The harried voice of the one you love, calms to a delicious pulse in your ear. Seduction is the name of the game with ‘Any Other Way’, and the George Michaels-esque production, delights with unalterable vibrance in the melancholic and the gray. There’s hope for all of us yet.

BriGuel – The Difference (feat. Andres Gonzalez)

Two artists in love, celebrating the healing power of laughter, the universal language of music and the incredible work of artists, far and wide, large and small. BriGuel is a music and life partners who love to make diverse styles of music and have a great time doing it. The latest is ‘The Difference’ featuring the rap vocals of Andres Gonzalez. The single is a balance of unique roots and hiphop elements, converging together in a harmonious wave. Quirky outcrops with mainstay, commercial vibes make it a danceable treat for all.

Denitia – Place To Be

Brooklyn based queer alt-pop artist and guitarist Denitia drops her new single “Place To Be”. Inspired by the bittersweet loneliness settling in after the end of a tumultuous affair, “Place To Be” showcases Denitia’s airy vocals and a synth-filled steady rhythm, that results in a heartstring-pulling, hypnotic track. Sultry and dynamic, with layers within each syllable of words and notes, Denitia’s ravishingly expressive vocals temp all; and invite only the ones who can relate and reminisce with the challenges that have hurt, strengthened – surviving ultimately, and thriving once more. In ‘Place To Be’, Denitia’s call to the empty seat at the other side of the phone, brilliantly describes our silent angst and torture, within our thoughts. We must break, Denitia exudes. And we all should consider. Denitia released the Ceilings EP in Summer ’17, blending dream pop, electronic soundscapes, and her distinct, soulful vocals. Now, look for her upcoming new album ‘Touch Of Sky’ November 8th. See her next @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn on October 31st.


Sixteen year old artist from Seattle, Lutzie, is uber talented. Full stop. The teen with grandeur cloaked around her aura, single ‘Rain’ is a heart-wrenching depiction of aches and betrayals, one can only cope. But just. Lucia Opalka conducts the solo project of Lutzie. With couple of singles released, the full potential and power of the singer/songwriter is yet to be fully displayed for public consumption. But when you listen to ‘Rain’, there is a distinct and instant recognition for what will come down the pipeline. Choice of words. Choice of notes. Choice of arrangement, and construction of what can bring out to the surface the shivers for the listener, is evident and proudly powerful in this single. ‘Rain’ is another fabulous foray from the artist, and we all should look forward to what she can provide next. Delight. Indeed.

Benji Lewis – Hold On

“Through this song I was trying to ask for understanding from this person who I was madly in love with, really asking them to hear me,” said Benji Lewis. “Things needed to change, and I needed to feel more ok and at ease. Ultimately, I was wanting for our love to transition nicely and somehow into a beautiful friendship. Looking back, I guess I was asking for too much. This wasn’t what they wanted or who they are and that’s ok. It’s probably for the best anyway because whenever I was around them, I would still feel those crazy special feelings and catch myself looking at them in a way that friends shouldn’t look at each other.” The raw summary of Benji’s vocals melt away the indignities in which we dwell. The rational being swindles in the shadows of a falling relationship; crippling emotionally – haunting the everyday. Benji added: “It’s about wanting to get past all of the unwanted drama and mess that this relationship is bringing to you and your life, but still finding a way to keep them around if only they can meet you in the middle. Not on their terms, but something that works for you and them. In a way that doesn’t make you feel like you are losing grip with life itself day to day.” Benji, the Melbourne originating pop purveyor, comes at us hard. And it makes all the sense in the world.


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