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Mike Green Share ‘Serena’. Clear, Succinct, Deep In Emotion, Honestly Proposed For Our Ears.

The groovy jazzy, bluesy gooey center of this single ‘Serena’ is a delicious love song that is delectable to listen to. It’s the layer between the upper crust of your love’s imagination, and the falling of your heart, while gazing into your significant other’s beautiful eyes.

The guitar work and the ‘feel’ of the single reminds us of some ballads of a Eric Johnson. The song isn’t exactly what Eric Johnson is all about, but some of the elements and progressions just takes us away to the place like the album ‘Ah Via Musicom’. And we at CHF, dig it when emotions are translated this way on a song, as it has in ‘Serena’.

Yes, you can say it’s kind of like John Mayer, but we think (at least for this song) that assessment would be incorrect. It’s that underlying, and somewhat invisible ‘heft’ that brings interest from us, about ‘Serena’ and Mike Green.

It’s clear, succinct, deep in emotion, honestly proposed for our ears, and very easy to fall in love with the message.

Close your eyes.


It’s a dang good thang.



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