Mike Mains & The Branches ‘Briggs’ (Cinematic Version) : A sanity long forgotten in the past, of you and your memories.

Mike Mains & The Branches

Mike Mains & The Branches are following up their successful 2019 Album with a brand new version of fan favorite, ‘Briggs’. Fabulous vocals and a wonderful new arrangement once again showing the beauty of their songwriting talents.

Said Mike Mains: “One afternoon I recorded an acoustic guitar and vocal and left the room. Shannon produced this gorgeous cinematic arrangement that took me back to our first trip in Iceland a few years ago. It felt as big as the mountains and waterfalls we saw during our trips. We were able to achieve that lush sonic landscape with the help of our friend Jesse Proctor. I’m proud of this version because it’s a window inside Shannon’s creative world and reminds me that there is wild beauty to be found in the world if our eyes are open.”

Floating on air of revelry, the soft invocations of ‘Briggs’ provides a blueprint for a return to sanity. A sanity long forgotten in the past, of you and your memories – soldered in triumphs ultimate and affectionate hugs.

A warmth of fire, within the ember of one song.

That’s ‘Briggs’.


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