Mike Mostert & The GoGo Tuner Family ‘She’s Gone’ : Music find its middle.

Mike Mostert

Mike Mostert had this idea of making music. Rock. Hard. Can’t be ignored. That’s where ‘The GoGo Tuner Family’ was born.

“This entire record is a passion project in the truest sense,” said Mike. “We chose “She’s Gone” as our first single because it makes a bold statement, but listeners can expect all our songs to be a pleasure journey like no other.”

The band consists of talents Tony Covino (vocals), Mike Mostert on guitars, Joe Sachs on bass, David Bedell on drums and Latavius Mulzac on keyboards, they team up to make their dreams come true in what they’d always strived.

Music find its middle.

Mike is the owner of GoGo Tuners. Keep on.


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