Mike Rauss x Kemane Bâ ‘Now I Know’ : The introspective and universal hand-shake.

Mike Rauss

Conjuring a mis-steps of taken, and under-proven, we are a sultan of emotions and sometimes, solipsistic malcontent. A drifting wood, in a turbulence of self making, the personal strife of journey continues as it has not been.

“A full on view into the feelings and lessons learned while traveling to Spain last winter…. None of this matters if one considers how massive and old this universe is…”

The introspective and universal hand-shake, brings Mike Rauss and Kemane to the fore of this soulful determination in that exact acceptance of the expansive. A perceived defense, in contested driven ambiguity, the project decides to celebrate and not to dwell in the negative.

Romp and thrive, is what Mike and his cohorts will want you to take away from this project.


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