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Mike Viola Shares ‘I Forgive You, Fuck Face’. “This Is A Song That You Must Listen To, Then Repeat.”

MIKE VIOLA is just fabulous in this single ‘I Forgive You, Fuck Face.’ The decadent synth and bass, lining the light and airy flaring from the vocals of Mike, multiplied by the just scrumptious lyrics make this so, so good.

Not like the artist, but the lyrical work (excellence) is reminiscent of the ‘vibrancy’ shown by entertainers like Billy Joel, but it’s ALL Mike Viola.

It’s ALL Mike Viola, to be sure.

The chorus is just so delicious and evokes a 70’s ironic-love psychedelia rock that we love.

However, at the end of the song, there’s the trademark Mike Viola’s ‘chaos’ and ‘neurotic dispositions’ that EXPLODE the previous notions of his music.

THAT. That is what we love. The contrast of the previous versus the future. The grating scrapes, with the pop-drunk attitude of a Brooklyn acolyte.

This is a song that you must listen to, then repeat.


We won’t forgive you, if you don’t.


Don’t be a ‘F*ck Face’.



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