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Mikey // margø // Boris René // Soul Glitch // Brian Bradley

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Mikey – T-shirt

‘T-Shirt’ is the 2nd single from MIKEY. “It is a somber, but highly relatable song about being dragged along by somebody who only wants you around when it’s convenient,” stated MIKEY. “The song was inspired by a conversation about writers block I had with my friend Josh Radnor (Rise, How I Met Your Mother) and is one of my favorites of the project.” The Los Angeles based artist (originally by way of New Jersey), writes with emotions depicted to be at the edge of the sleeves. He’s opened for artists like Lauv, LeAnn Rimes, A R I Z O N A, Jacob Whitesides and more. And during those times, the project named MIKEY was born. With driving vocals, crisp and delightful, the pop personality within this single is sentimental and at the same time inspirational. Look out for more singles throughout 2019.

margø – In Between

‘In Between’ is Canadian alt-pop artist margø. Set to be included in her EP, the artist’s 2019 season can’t start better than introducing her talents in this blatant and irascible single. Taking her passion for rock and all its forms, she seamlessly brings both emphatic pop attitudes with the unapologetic edge into her works. Lyrically, defiant and descriptively intelligent, the songstress doesn’t take any crap – especially her former loves. “This song is about becoming self aware in a toxic situation, and deciding to take back your power,” margø stated. She knows she’s worth more than all of that stress. We agree. For her career is about to take the right turns and take off. Cassidy Margolis is margø. Look out.

Boris René – What The Funk

Don’t be the last time. It’ll linger with you as the pop beast of Boris René gets you in that mood – whatever that mood would be! Boris stated: “A soul / funk song that starts all the fibers in the body and makes one want to go out and pull off a moonwalk on the dance floor” Heck yea, for sure. And you know what happens when that happens? A party. A Boris-Lead party. And that guarantees a fun time. A good-good time.

Soul Glitch – Take It Back

Nicholas Jarrell Hasty, better known by the artist name Soul Glitch. Nicholas stated about the song: “I began to write my fourth single release “Take It Back” after watching Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings. Despite all the revelations…I watched how others reacted to this tragic event with a deep sense of helplessness and hopelessness, a feeling of powerlessness and even despair. My song is an open letter to those in power and those who feel oppressed by our ever evolving social and political paradigm.” The socially responsible and conscious song writer, keeps close to the things that matter to his life and of his fellow man-kind. Music is one of his ways to express his angsts, challenges, resolutions, and love to the world that he loves.

Brian Bradley – D.R.E.A.M

BRIAN BRADLEY brings his brand of empathy and salinity to music making. The electronic music and visual artist is a combination of cultures from within and without. Signed to BonFire, his debut hit it big on Spotify last year and his offerings to the world, connected. ‘D.R.E.A.M’ is a cinematically relevant thoughts in a collage made of glass and incandescent expectations. Mixing multiple latitude of instruments, his main goal of disseminating the inner voice, succeeds in this single with delicious ambiguity. Contemporary and minimal, the complex become one fragment among a monolith of sights and determinations.


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