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Milan to Minsk – A Song About Bridges

“Loose and serene, she took a breath, getting ready for the day.” “Take the run of the mill, and take it to the next level, honey. Try to be better, humble, kinder. You can do it.” Milan To Minsk’s A Song About Bridges is a scent of lilac in a world full of the un-sightly. Calm your nerves. It’ll be over soon.

No. Not the world.

Maybe that bad relationship.

Maybe that love triangle you’ve been experimenting with.

Maybe that murder you’d been planning.

‘A Song About Bridges’ could be that anthem for a psychopathic urge, hidden in your belly.

It’s that blend of realistic nudge into that crazy world – the place where it might be very hard to escape.

“Why do you taunt me so, Elizabeth?” he asked like a puppy.

She turned and looked at him and replied, “Taunt you? You don’t know it dummy, but you exist, because and Only for me. Got it?”

As she turned back to take a deep breath of her cigarette and then her cognac, he did it.

It was quick, unscripted, and unearthly.

“I asked you why, and you taunted me even more,” as he started to sob.

The room was quiet now.

There was no conversation, any longer.

He waited, still sobbing on the red carpeted floor.

Well, it’s his fault that he was with her, but we think they both got what they deserved.

It was a disaster from the start, we reckon.

Oh, that was fiction, by the by. But could be real.

Sometimes reality mixes nicely, blurring the line, from time to time.

It’s all in one’s head, you see.

Daniel Rote and the gang, just puts that little anecdotal story above, and frames it nicely into film.

The jazzy hipness is so apparent, and compelling in this song.

And we dig it, lots.

Kudos guys.

They’re rep’ed by Scramble Suit Records, in Brooklyn.



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