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Mildlife shares ‘The Magnificent Moon’. Upcoming album ‘Phase’ due to drop February 23th.

Taken from Mildlife’s debut LP ‘Phase’ (out on vinyl and digital 23rd Feb 2018), the song encompasses what you’d expect from this fabulous band. The grooves are key, and we dig it like the feeling one getting that first kiss with the girl you had a crush on, watching a movie and realizing how great cinema can be, or when realizing how beautiful the Earth looks from the outer obits (i.e. in year 2150).

Yea, we know. We don’t make sense sometimes, but one thing that makes sense is Mildlife.

No denying.

Jazz it up, and don’t feel guilty about it. Pop it up, and don’t feel guilty about it. It’s all indie, cinematic, and best of all, danceable (even if you don’t know how to dance.

Go ahead. Ask her to dance with you. She’ll be impressed you picked this song to take that chance.


They’re rep’d by Research Records.



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