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Miles from London – Second to None

“We have a variety of musical influences creating a wide range in our sound and this song is a result of that. It is a catchy, easy listening, indie pop song that you can sing with on your drive home. The message deals with a darker theme of a lover feeling like they may not be enough in a relationship when they truly know they are. They are telling their lover they are second to none and its not fair to compare them to someone else in hopes that one day the lover will realize their true worth for just being who they are.” Jacksonville, Florida based band Miles From London packs a punch in their indie-pop single ‘Second To None’. Made of Christian Pittman, Ian Poland, Mitch Fountain, and Daniel Po, brings high-energy performances influenced by a blend of sounds similar to Hippo Campus, Young the Giant and Death Cab For Cutie.

STATION – A Matter of Time

New York quartet STATION will drop their new album, ‘Stained Glass’ out November 1st. Monster hooks, ferocious thrust, metal ballad sounds, all come together in this perfect Universe named STATION. The hair metal vibes of the 80’s never has it so good, and when STATION brings the goods, the house is a rockin’ and jumpin’ to the goodness of the guitar strums. Their sound is delivered with excellence by band mates Patrick Kearney (vocals), Chris Lane (guitar/keys/backing vocals), Emi Asta (bass/backing vocals), and Tony Baptist (drums). ‘A Matter of Time’ pokes fun at bands who romanticize things they actually know nothing about. So much so, that if the ‘real thing’ walked in, they wouldn’t know it because they’ve created their own fantasy version of the subject matter in their heads. Can you stand the heat of axe grinding?? Let the fire burn, and let that fire burn some more. See and experience this exciting band next @ Arlene’s Grocery, NYC November 5th.

Omni Selassi – Sylveser Stylonce

Hailing form Biel, Berne, & Leipzig respectively ‘Sylvester Stylonce’ is the curious trio’s first record together. An almost eight- minute Tour de Folie on seven inches with a three minute version for digital. Rea Dubach, Lukas Rutzen, and Mirko Schwab throw caution to the wind and catches the next flight back to Mars on this beautifully constructed single of majesty and oddity. Strip away the promotional words, the song is made of steely cool and art-deco vibrance. Their work is a journey in a rocket (high up / highest), a submarine (deep down / deepest), a freight train- always moving. Eventually they ignite themselves, immerse in spiritus, the rug is on fire and smoke spreads out, filling the whole space, with the sky as a roof. See the greatness in this most mosaic of projects next @ Bad Bonn, Düdingen Switzerland on October 26th.

Sunship Balloon – Up On The Moon

Consisting of Dan Haggis and Tord Øverland Knudsen (also members of The Wombats, Imitating Aeroplanes and Dan The Man), will be releasing their 1st EP ‘Intergalactic Teacup Travel Centre’, November 22nd. “We are currently working on our 1st album, due out Spring 2020.” The duo have been making music together for 15 years and after realizing that both of their hard drives were full of song ideas that needed a home they decided to make a place for them in the shape of Sunship Balloon. Their first EP was mixed by John Congleton (St. Vincent, Alvvays etc). Sunshine and smiles is what Sunship Balloon aims to feel, and with ‘Up On The Moon’, there’s little doubt that, that is the case. A delightful and chest filling goodness helps you float up to the heavens of comfort as the song plays and sticks to your senses. A shining light, in this darkness of day to to day life.

Harmless – Clavo Saca Clavo

Nacho Cano was born in Mexico City, and immigrated to the US at ten years old. Now he lives in LA, where he makes moving, soulful pop a la Blood Orange under the moniker Harmless. on On September 10th, 2017, as he was biking to work, an early morning drunk driver struck him, nearly ending his life and placing him in severe condition. While he miraculously regained his ability to walk, a friend lent him a small keyboard. This EP is his first music made since his miraculous recovery. A multi-disciplinary musician and composer, in ‘Clavo Saca Clavo’ understandably, take a more somber, more introspective approach to an already deeply seeking individual personality. Almost fallen from the precarious life that is afforded, Nacho scraped and clawed back to ‘musical life’. He returns, and looking to take on the demons and missed opportunities with acceptance and a sense for the bigger picture. Look for more from Harmless.


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