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Miles. – 16; My Delightful Inheritance

’16; My Delightful Inheritance’ is off of MILES. newest EP, ‘Beauty For Ashes’. The beautifully laid out guitar acoustic ballad, resonates to the n’th degree. “Death Cab shaped much of my musical upbringing,” stated MILES., “learning from their creativity and ingenuity made for wonderful foundations that I create from today. They’re an invaluable part of my past. BFL however, holds my future; what I want to achieve next. I aspire to his honesty and vulnerability and always keep it in mind working on the next thing and the next track. I like to think they both can lay claim to 16 in a many ways.” Michael Donnelly is MILES. and his look deep inside feelings of gratitude and solvency of the mind, keeps us in tune through this decadent single. It lingers like the early day’s fog, reminding you of the potential of the day that may come. Michael wants to say that ‘it’s up to you’. That the world is here, and it’s right for the taking.’ MILES. works in honesty. We should listen with honesty, as well.

Whiskey Aurore – Doesn’t matter

Toulouse France based band WHISKEY AURORE is made up of Tristan Zenone, Jim Petiot, Théo Souchières, and Louis Jacques. They offer a chime of intelligence in ‘Doesn’t Matter’, and from it flourishes a vocal demonstration in truth and emotions. With a focus on that sumptuous Jeff Buckley vibe, the band that could, serves up incantations in words of experiential wisdom and apologetics. We take a gander at our own inhibitions, recklessly at time to be shoved inside our tortured hearts. But WHISKEY AURORE’s single tells us to let the door open and the warm air of expectations and understanding seduce you. ‘Doesn’t Matter’ is the band’s 2nd release.

Michael Baker – Claire

MICHAEL BAKER is a singer/songwriter in the best tradition of folk and popular music of profound states for self improvements. At least the potential inklings of them, at least. The clarity of Michael’s vocals travel as long as that deserve highway seems. Honesty and comforting, the soul of his lyrical works belong in a hall of beauty and understanding. Michael stated: “The track itself is about dealing with mental health and how sometimes life can feel like we are drifting through in a dream or hallucination. At first meeting people can feel like holding up a mirror to all your demons, but ultimately connection to the world is everything we need on this little journey. It’s about the importance of space, and how respecting someone’s solitude can be the kindest form of intimacy and love“. Listening to Michael, you can’t help but get swept away. It’s a pure and exhilarating acoustic experience.

George Ogilvie – Grave

Trappings of life. Trappings of love. Pours onto the withering solitude of now, and unrepentant attitude of that lonesome heart. Poetry flows out of GEORGE OGILVIE’s songs and never ceases to impress. The brooding acumen of each and every syllable, profoundly propels you into a whisk of reality, in colorful realizations. Of your own, or another, connections through sounds and vibes, exists in this vast Universe created just for you by the artistry of George. With the success of his debut EP ‘Nowhere’, George has been catching the fever for his music, one after the other. As decadent as Aquillo, and distinct as the world is big, George’s invigorating lyrical devices turn on ALL of your senses to this exquisite experience. See him next at Green Man Festival in August. His star shines bright.

Everything And Everybody – Tragedy

Sometimes you just want to shout out at the top of your lungs. Love is an intoxicating drug, that we all love and dread at the same time. Love of yourself, material things, power all come into this fold of definitions. “You think you do control your own life, but actually you don’t”, said singer Nikolas Tillmann. “The song is about obedience to power, success, money, all that. You’d probably deny it publicly, but you can not withdraw from these things.” And he continues: “It came to my mind as all these despots manipulate the masses with their well-planned poses, gestures, and words. And we are not so far away from doing so to each other in our small everyday lives.” The Berlin Germany based trio tricks our ears and head with melodious soul and pop endeavors, catapulting our sensibilities into dance, while hammering our practical sides with lessons in life. ‘Obedience’ and ‘Free Will’ conflict in philosophical debates and in real life. Can that chain of living in captivity for one or both, be broken?


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