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MILKK // Dree Rivers // Sally // Ariza // Andi

MILKK – All to Myself

Nashville based trio MILKK is silky smooth in this pop adoration of a single. From top to bottom, with ascension of rhythms and harmonies, intertwine effortlessly to calm and profound. Indie-pop brainchild of Nashville singer/songwriter Pat Kiloran, MILKK is completed with Minneapolis producer/musician Jack Vondrachek, and touring/session drummer John Ogelby. MILKK’s debut EP ‘Sad Girls’ released on 2018 and it pushed the trio to new and exciting heights. Pat said about ‘All To Myself’: “After writing an entire album on my deteriorating mental health and the worst couple years of my life, I felt like I needed to flip the script and only write love songs. ‘All to Myself’ was one of the first pieces of that mindset.” From the nostalgic keys to the smooth jazz-like vocals, the temperament of ‘All To Myself’ is a fabulous love song, for a dedicated lover who completes your soul. Look for more from MILKK.

Dree Rivers – Revenge

Seventeen year old artist from Houston Texas takes things in stride. Well, at least we hear that in his music. The world is too big to think otherwise, we’d reckon he’d say. ‘Revenge’ takes a story in a life, and tells of love that had been tainted and regressed to an unopposed atmosphere of null. Love and loss is a part of life. Hate and redemption, can be. It’s an option that is non-binary and can be a privileged tool to administer. But humans are fallible and most importantly, very easy to be scarred. Can there ever be progress for our species? Meanwhile we do our best. DREE RIVERS does his part.

Sally – Better

“I wrote Better in a time of my life when I was being a fucking reckless loser,” emphatically stated SALLY. “I got dumped for the first time, and really the song is about how I realised that at the time the person that I was being, I wouldn’t have wanted to hang out with me either. So I fixed myself for a while, but I don’t know if we’re never really fixed…” Expectations sets some rules for becoming a better self. SALLY found that after this incident within her full life. It was a part of her life that could have been great. But it’s something that didn’t pan out to fruition. Determination could not be fully analyzed. Supposition only was left. ‘Better’ is a way for SALLY to take the negative into the positive – a moment for growth and expansion. To become better. To become a better person, for such opportunities in love and living.

Ariza – Words (ft. Elline)

ARIZA returns with a dancey vocal treat in ‘Words’ featuring Elline. The single was inspired by Elline’s ‘fascination with words left unsaid’. The silence cracks the gap between the two lovers, grow wider and wider. With nothing done, the tensions fester with greater ease. ‘Words’ is “seen through a playful and sarcastic lens, includes a catchy melody, and a poppy, minimalistic, but hard-hitting production”, said Ariza. Sometimes we just need to see our relationships in such a combination of lights, no? Sanity demands it.

Andi – Agoraphobic prod. Vixu

ANDI is a contemporary arch in transition and static surges. The indie pop artist lives within homes made of melodies and time-tripping. Caledon raised artist comes with the attitude that never quits. Lyrically consuming, her single ‘Agoraphobic’ relies on a journey of the gathering souls, profound in each beat and gaze. She dips deep into satire, spotlighting womxn’s ‘autonomy and sexual expression’, forming through the lens of both womxn and the LGTBQA+ community. The funky outlying visions of this single is just a tip of the iceberg for her audience, new and old, to cover with admiration.


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