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MILKPUNCH Shares ‘Passionade’. “You Know Not Why They’ve Done This. Be Rambunctious.”

“Just love what you did with the name! MILKPUNCH! Wow!” That’s how it should be received. The band and the name, for sure. Why? Because the band (and especially with this single ‘Passionade’), it’s just like going to see friends at the new home they just bought.

It’s nice. But somehow, it’s very colorful, yet, muted.

What kind of demonry is this you ask yourself.

But demonry it isn’t. It’s just that your friends are very quirky, as you’ve always known. It’s that fabulous weirdness that you appreciate, and that’s why you care about them.

Delia is nice as can be.

John – you’ve known him since forever.

And little Jake. Only 1 year old, but quite rambunctious.

Anywho, the house is colored in lime green. Well, near lime-green. It’s near lawn-green, but jazzier.

You know not, why they’ve done this, but just like any well kept ‘conversational piece of art’, there it lie.

And from neighbors (they are so nice about it), they all love Delia and John. House, still is a thing to get used to.

MILKPUNCH is better than that house. They make you feel better, in whatever ‘demonry’ that lies between this world and the next. And you’re okay with that.

Raf Lima is MILKPUNCH. And from what little we know of his project, we’re sure we’ll want to know more of his fab music. With Liam and Jo in this new adventure, they shall devote their precious time on MILKPUNCH and the glory that comes with it.

And we think there will be much to celebrate.

Debut album ‘Moonshine’ drops early November.



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