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Mindsong – Waltz for Emily

Henrik Johansson is the voice and musical love in his project named MINDSONG. The project is of great importance. For us, the 70’s style soft-rock ballad ‘Waltz For Emily’ is pure optimism and of affection. Driven to tears by the little things that makes a life so fulfilling, is what floods into your body and soul. The stripped down single is the perfect formula for your pangs of stresses and unrequited appreciation for this world. The new single from Henrik has the hallmarks of expression. And when sentiments and emotions are rightly expressed (as it does in this song) the world can rejoice together in its delivery and contextual fervor for passion and the inner glory.

King Complex – Do What You Like

With driving bass lines and sparkled by the enigmatic vocals, KING COMPLEX is that song you needed to get your day going. It’s just bad-ass. It gets your ‘boss’ vibes out and about with no shame. The day is yours. The electro-rock music from the Saint Petersburg (Florida) duo makes life kinda more bearable. All of the trepidations do strip off of your shoulders as you take the aggressive rock theme from your morning shower, to your breakfast table, to doing your tie in front of your mirror, and skippin’ to your car. All seems just right with this single. No pretense and no BS. Word.


With milky tension and seduction as its tenet, BESOS delivers a testament to the in inhibitions of our deepest secrets. Tender, and drenched in indie-funk, the single usurps with decadent shine and shears off the horns for a time – until that time is available for affection, once more, that is. BESOS is a lo-fi soul-pop project that waits for that beautiful girl at the bus stop, in the 100 degree heat. And because she is the girl he’d been waiting for all his life. Sentimental and stubborn, the lad inside all of us, curates our feelings of warmth and subsequent resilience, in the hopes to caress and give love in all our glory. The project is Alejandro Preciado and the love-instigator from Portland Oregon deviates none of his stern affection for those things that move him. Look for him to continue, to surge and move us, in many more directions.

Rally Club – Haveyouever

You have nothing on them. You have zero clout with them. There’s nothing that will make them more happier. Get down. Roll around. Let their serious exorbitant look at cynicism, blend your green and let it perpetrate your sensibilities. RALLY CLUB is indie-rock. They do things the way they should. The surf-garage-rock drive in this sneakily good song ‘Haveyouever’ gets through that thick skull of yours. In the best traditions of all that is rock, the self proclaimed “beer-fueled garage jams” gives us the license to like with enthusiasm. The band consists of artists who are in their 20’s and wanna know what they are like. Aren’t we all? Let’s ride together with RALLY CLUB.

Joe Ramsey – Stop & Start

“‘Stop & Start’ is about that unknowing period you can have when in a relationship, or at the beginning of it,” said JOE RAMSEY. “One minute, things are going really well and positively…and then out of nowhere a downward turn can occur, leaving you completely perplexed as to where you stand with that person.” To Joe, his feeling of being lost was apparent within this song’s time and space. He as frozen with confusion and anxiety of sorts. So he had to write it down. Joe is a songwriter, foremost. You know that immediately. And when he sings his words, with exasperatingly accuracy and clarity, his heartfelt description, blossoms to a better and stronger self. The subtlety is within Joe. Strength is in the writing, and unlike some of his contemporaries, memories are personal and the method of them is significantly unique and drives a hard bargain, not to look away. The North East of England based artist shines with nuance and soulful attention. See Joe next at Beyond Vinyl on April 13th, Newcastle upon Tyne.


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