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Minor Pieces Shares ‘Rothko’. “Life will be as you’d deem it to become.”

MINOR PIECES is Ian William Craig and Missy Donaldson and they conjure up livid vitality in subtle ambiguities in their latest single ‘Rothko’. The Vancouver based duo fashions glints of dexterity within the inner stars with ample acoustic shimmer and ravenously constructed lyrical verses.

Off of their upcoming debut album ‘The Heavy Steps Of Dreaming’ (October 4th), the partnership has rung waves of accolades and new fans to their doorsteps of musical delight.

The folk tuned, psychedelic rock ballad, envisions a textural interplay of experimentation and foregone ‘conclusions’. The delving of institutional amalgams, questioning each remedial step – after step – in the effort to regale the pomp and circumstances that we encounter.

The tangible collide with the sophistry and the antithetical, as the contrast make golden the emphasis of living and the energy put into it.

The lovely harmonies resonate as it reminisces in the best traditions of past folk stars, working hard to make us understand.

To understand another dimension of sight and mind; and of our mischievously banality.

‘Rothko’ is something new. And as the dawn’s light shines through the egg shell, the new born peeks out to a whole new world of possibilities.

Certainty isn’t certain.

Life will be as you’d deem it to become.



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