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Minor Pieces Shares ‘The Way We Are In Song’. “Awash of flavor and gargantuan invigoration.”

Ian William Craig and Missy Donaldson, together are MINOR PIECES and when their latest single ‘The Way We Are In Song’ is a well of positivity, looking at the past and future, with a focused megaphone for empathy. Vancouver based, the relatively new collaboration between the two artists, shimmer and then shimmer some more in song.

The vocal harmonies are the true highlights of their current bodies of work, and the nature of their efforts, bear so much tasty fruit, both in construction in beautiful words and cosmic, hymn like, spirituality resounding through in whole.

Warmth and textures, struggle none with this single, as you’re buttered in awash of flavor and gargantuan invigoration.

‘The Way We Are In Song’ is a beautifully laid offering, that is tinged in gospel and the religious stylings, but always aware of its focus on a more public announcement vibe. It gathers and keeps a foothold as it envelopes with pride and involvement.

Their new upcoming album ‘The Heavy Steps Of Dreaming’ drops October 4th.

Something to look forward to, indeed.



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