MINT ‘Goodbye Beautiful’ : Bang your head. Bang your ambitions. For the good.


“We’re as scared and angry as any other person our age,” said the band about ‘Goodbye Beautiful’. “If we can provide a soundtrack for people that can relate then we have made a difference. We’re not a protest band and not every song will be a protest. We can’t afford to take a day off work and travel to London to add our voice. But we’re not just going to watch TV and read online either.”

Frontman Zak has written a song that encapsulates the diverse issues his generation faces. Mint channel the broad scope of the song into a high-octane imperial march towards certain doom. Guitars careen through the mix mounting to an explosive and unforgettable chorus.

Zak, Veggie, Lenny and Bambi all attended the same school. But school wasn’t on their minds. School was too restrictive for their ambling hearts for music. They needed a platform for expression. They wanted to rock.

In MINT, their diabolically refreshing rock blend, casts out demons and helps you revel in the vibes of modern day insinuations. A draping caldron of sepia memories, deleting sentiments, and manic calls for the living to wake up.

MINT is your medicine. Take it like you’ve always wanted.

Shout like a demon, y’all. Let’s change this world, together.


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